Shamir Spectrum™

The Ergonomic Everyday Lens
Lens Family: Life Improvement Lenses

SHAMIR SPECTRUM is a free-form digital progressive lens that offers not only wider reading zones, but is a lens that’s personalized to match the customer’s reading posture, for an even better, and more comfortable, visual experience.


Eye-Point Technology® for enhanced vision                

Ensuring accurate design and analysis, this technology combines lens surface topography
data with an advanced algorithm to calculate optical performance of thousands of locations
on the progressive lens surface. The result is enhanced accurate vision for myopes and
presbyopes alike.


Freeform Lens Design for Wider Viewing Zones

A Freeform design means instead of being formed in a mold, each lens is precision tooled
with the prescription on the back surface. This gives the patient a 20% wider viewing zone.
And that means a better visual experience.



  • Ergonomic design - Near viewing zone optimally positioned for natural posture and comfort while reading
  • Wide visual clarity - Viewing zones are up to 20% wider than in standard progressives

  • Greater far vision clarity - Far vision is improved with greater clarity in the far viewing zone due to a more stable lens design than that of standard PALs.

  • All-over improved comfort and visual experience!